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Sathish is a Wealth Consultant | Equity Fund Manager | Author | TV Columnist

His Book – “Untold Wealth Secrets” has recognised as one of the best book for Personal Finance and Mutual Funds Investments. Sathish has conducted more than 100 Seminars and more than 10,000 have benefitted from his Investment Advisory in last 18 Years.

Learn 3 Key Wealth Secrets from “My First Million Webinar” and change your Personal Finance Forever.

“My First Million” webinar not only creates a Financial Freedom for you but also get you on the fast track to achieve your Financial Freedom and help you to learn the proven approaches for accelerated Wealth Creation.

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Date: 23rd Feburary, 2020 (Sunday)

Time: 9 AM to 9:45 AM

Untold Wealth Secrets – Rs.100/- Only

Just as a beginner investor usually seek investment knowledge in easy language and that can be quickly grasped and to develop the confidence among the investor to start the trial on his Mutual Fund Investment.

Financial Literacy and education has occupied greater importance in this modern world.  Financial System has been growing with Speed, Sophistication and Becoming More Complex Financial Literacy & Education is not being taught at school and parents are also shy away discussing it with our children at our home We see that Young people indulging on Big Budget spending and falling prey to high debt schemes and Credit Cards Outstanding

The best way to create wealth in the modern world is by investing assets that works for you and that will make your journey less stressful, more fun and successful Wealth Sets you Free – Untold Wealth Secrets will help you to take your first step in your Financial Freedom Journey.

Sathish Kumar Equity Fund Manager | Wealth Consultant | Author

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