With the rising investor needs and complex financial products, there is a strong requirement for need-based holistic advice from financial experts.

It is often said that we are good savers, but ‘poor’ investors. we usually lack the financial knowledge to plan for the long-term, in choosing right asset allocation and diversifying our asset.

When the economy is doing well, people are earning handsome salaries, but a statistic says that there are only 22% of people in India are Financially Literate.

Many can’t differentiate between financial products based on Risk, Return and duration. Leave the complex matters to experts.

Investors often lack “trust” in their financial planners. A Financial planner should walk with his client for a long run and take care of investor interest. He should review the portfolio regularly (Ideally once in 4 months) and recommend actionable on portfolio to help the client to achieve his or her financial goals.

At Creating Wealth, we help our investors to take smarter investment decisions through bespoke investment products like…

  1. Mutual Funds
  2. Direct Equity Recommendations
  3. PMS
  4. Unlisted Shares
  5. Bonds and Debentures
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