Should you invest in Equity or Real Estate?

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Should you invest in Equity or Real Estate?

Ashok is a senior Manager in a IT company and he has 50 Lakhs of surplus to invest. He is a intelligent investor and he noticed that 3 Asset Classes responded differently during Covid period

Gold – has gained momentum since jan 2020, but he already has sufficient exposure to physical gold in his portfolio.

The other popular choices are Real Estate and Equity. Real estate prices were hit a low and slump and there are many distress sales were on the rise meanwile the equity valuations hit a low and also seen a steady recovery till now.

With both are popular options, he decided to a research and make his investment worthy return.

Equity Vs Real Estate Return

He has realised that in the last 7 years equity has given superior returns than real estate and also his investment has would have given 24 lakhs of higher returns

Ashok also knows that this is a passive index returns, the actual best performing returns can be easily can get 4% higher returns than index

Real estate has it’s own novel factors, let’s do a quick check about it


It is absolutely good to own a house and restrict our investment in Real estate with 40% of our networth and don’t put all your eggs into one basket called Real Estate. Invest in Real Estate upto 40% of your networth.

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