Returns and Performance Report Card for 2020

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Returns and Performance Report Card for 2020

2020 has witnessed unprecedented events, not only with stock markets but with all spheres of our life.

Equity markets have witnessed its highest volatility. It’s a roller coaster ride all through 2020 for Investors. But both the debt investors and Equity Investors have earned handsome profits.

Here is a Report Card that gives you returns in each category among Equity and other Asset Classes.

Gold has rallied among the uncertainty

IT and Pharma has delivered its historical highest returns in Equity

Banks and PSU has delivered its worst returns in 2020

Large, Mid and Small cap has delivered its respective risk reward ratio returns.


The key lesson in 2020 which you should never forget would be

  1. Diversify your MF Portfolio – Stick to your Asset Allocation – It has delivered attractive returns.
  2. Never do panic selling – Allow some time for the market to recover. ( Don’t Mix your emotional decision with investing Decision )
  3. Never try to predict the market movement – Few customers have lost this rally. If the valuations are low, then invest and sit tight
  4. Invest Regularly – Through STP or SIP

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