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When it comes to investments, it is always wise to leave the decision to an expert. A Good Financial
Consultant can help you in maximising your returns with Minimal Risk.
From Experts point of view, the best option for any investor to achieve their financial Goal is through
Mutual Funds.

Here are the 6 Reason Why you should Invest in Mutual Fund Now…….
1. Diversified Portfolio – Asset Classes like Equity, Debt & Gold Funds
2. High Returns – This comes with staying with the best performing funds for 5 Years and
3. High Liquidity – Can be redeemed in flat 4 working days
4. Tax Advantage – ELSS Schemes offers higher returns and lesser lock in period with tax
5. Invest through SIP – With Higher Flexibility, Convenience and with the surplus availability
with small amounts also
6. Complete Online Experience – To Invest, Redeem and to Track on the go for 24*7

Take Your First Step Towards Smarter Investment Decision.

Howdy ! I am Sathish, Wealth Consultant | Equity Fund Manager| TV Columnist | Author

Give Sathish 30 Min of your time, let him predict Your Financial Future for Rest of Your Life!

Sathish is the Founder for Creating Wealth Company and helped more than 1000 clients by increasing their Networth & Wealth through his Investment Advisory from Direct Equities | Stocks |Mutual Funds | PMS products

Also an Author for Book – Untold Wealth Secrets (Which is available in Flipkart and Amazon) He has given an interview in Kalaingar TV about investing & making profits in Mutual Funds and Stock Markets. Sathish was into financial services industries like ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company and Citibank for 15 years till 2016 and he passionately helping people through his Investment Expertise though Creating Wealth Company since Jan 2017.

From the beginning of the career, sathish was keenly interested in learning and exploring all aspects of life, which led to learn about Financial Planning, Wealth Diversification, Legacy Planning,Investment Insights, Asset allocations & Distribution and to develop more as Seasoned Banker and hence Investment & Other Financial Services Advisory has become a Natural Proficiency.

Sathish loves sharing his Financial Expertise and Strategies through Seminars| Training Programs | Conferences | Social Media | Television Sathish has conducted more than 100 Wealth Secrets Program and created Financial Literacy and awareness among investors since Jan 2017.

Connect with him for a Coffee – One meetup Can Change Your Finance Forever. Take Your First Step Towards Smarter Investment Decision He is Reachable at 9841058689 to help you to achieve your Financial Goals and Dreams. Click and Start investing on Mutual Funds investments Now !!!!

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