Know the Rule of 15 to Create Wealth

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Know the Rule of 15 to Create Wealth

The economy goes through various stages, which are part of the business cycle and it is unexpected at times.

In these volatile and difficult times what an investor can do is to stick to the basics and focus on the long term for wealth creation. If you foresee the economy to be volatile in the short term ( 1 to 3 years )  but when it comes to long term ( Say 5 to 7 years ) we can definitely see a uptrend always.

Wealth Creation almost hides in simplest things………Let me introduce the Rule of 15.

Let’s learn the Rule of 15 X 15 X 15 in Mutual funds and how it will help you in Creating a corpus of 1 Cr or 10 Crore.

Well, it simply says that, if one does a 15,000 rupees SIP per month for 15 years which earns average 15% compounded annual returns and then you are able to accumulate 1 CRORE Rs.

(Note – Your investment input was 27 lakhs only and the output is Rs.1 Crore)

Now, Let me show you the Rule of 15 X 15 X 30 in Mutual funds and how it will help us in Creating a Corpus

 If u do a 15,000 Rs.SIP per month for 30 years (instead of 15 years as earlier), at a 15% compounded annual return, You will be able to accumulate 10 crores 

(Against your Total Investment of only 52 lakhs )

There are No Magical Pill for Wealth Creation, rather the magical wand is the Compounding Interest.

All It requires to Invest Regularly, Stay Invested in a Best Performing Fund and create the corpus you wanted for yourself.

This shows that time and not timing is important for Wealth Creation.

So stay invested and Happy Investing…..

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