It’s time to Change your Mutual Fund Dividend Strategy

Till now, Tax Savvy investors chose Dividend strategy on Mutual Funds more because of Tax
Arbitrage. Dividend Distribution Tax of 11.65% ( 10% of DDT + 12% od Surcharge and 4% Cess ) on
Mutual Funds is lower than the Capital Gains from the short term tax rate of 15.6% ( Inclusive of
Cess )
As dividends become taxable from 2020 Apr, It is no longer viable for Client to keep their money in
Dividend schemes and it is completely wise to stay away from Mutual Funds Dividends Schemes.
With dividends made taxable, the growth option is more beneficial and tax-efficient.
Many of Mutual Funds investors need regular income, If you need regular income from Mutual Fund investments, just withdraw required money from the mutual fund as a Systematic withdrawal plan. If you do this you will end up paying much lesser tax for the same withdrawal amount, because the withdrawals are subject to Capital Gains and not as Income Tax.
Regardless of whatever the changes in the recent budget by our Finance Minister, dividend strategy is always a bad idea. It never allows your money to grow compounded.
Now you have all the right reasons to change your strategy from Dividend to Growth.

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