Is silver shinier than Gold?

Is silver shinier than Gold?

As Indians, we have a huge attraction towards the precious yellow metal that is Gold.

But do you know that in Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2020 Gold has delivered 29% of Return and Silver has delivered 45% of return? This would be an untold wealth statistic about silver. If you think elephants can’t dance, think again. Silver as an investment opportunity.

While silver is mined more than 8 times of gold.

Industrial Application makes silver more valuable

99% of Gold is always gets recycled and comes back to the market. It is always in the circulation.

Silver is a Semi Precious Metal and Semi Industrial Metal. Silver gets utilized and consumed in industrial application like Battery manufacturing, Photographic Engineering, Surgery Equipment’s (Artificial Knee Joints), Computer Mother Boards and Semi-Conductors.

Much of silver never comes back to the circulation, price of silver can go up because of its utility property also. Silver usage will go up in tons and there will be a good demand for silver in coming days.

Beta of Silver is 30% higher than Gold

When gold moves by 1%, under the normal circumstances silver moves by 1.3%, which is whopping 30% Higher than gold.

How to include Silver in your portfolio

Since there are no schemes like Silver Mutual Funds, Silver ETF’s or SGB, you cannot buy silver in electronic form, you need to buy this only as physical format.

Either as coins or as Bars. Hand cut Silver bars are cheaper than machine but standard bars. Also check for the seller stamp and purity on the bar.

My recommendation is to diversify your portfolio with silver also.

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