Is Long Term Investing is buying and forgetting about it?

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Is Long Term Investing is buying and forgetting about it?

It’s often said that long term investing is like nurturing a tree to bear a fruit of it. 

What if, you invest for a long term and don’t take care it. If you are not nurturing the tree with regular water, fencing and fertilizer, there are chances that the tree might die before it bears any fruit.

Similarly, when it comes to investment there are certain aspects of Reviewing the portfolio is essential to optimise your portfolio Returns.

As on 30th Apr 2020, the last 10 year return on equity is about 6.5%, which is lesser than actual inflation. What does an investor should do at to optimise his returns an investor should review his portfolio on these parameters

  1. Review based on Asset Allocation
  • Review based on schemes and its returns ( Still the holdings are best performing or not )
  • Review based on Tax Laws ( Recently when Govt start taxing on dividends, investors have to change their schemes from Dividend to Growth schemes )
  • Review based on Goals
  • Review based on Tactical Allocation  – If the market touches Extreme low or High, 

When the economy and market environment is so dynamic these days, a regular view is very essential with your Wealth Consultant in once in 3 – 4 Months.

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