Equity Market perspective to Corona Virus Crisis

Markets in perspective to Corona Virus crisis

Amidst the chaotic environment in our country coupled with the economic slowdown, the Yes bank event, panic amidst coronavirus, the sentiment is extremely negative. Everyone is contemplating the next action and praying for things to fall in place.

Equity – Long Term Investment (3 to 5 Years Duration)

When Markets falls by 10% it’s a Correction

When market falls by 10 – 20% it’s a Crash

When market falls by 20 – 50% Its a Bear Market

When market falls by more than 50% – It’s a recession.

Markets reward patient long term investors. There’s no better way of making money other than investing in Best performing Equity Mutual Funds and ignoring the inevitable ups and downs of the market.

Best performing funds over the long term ( 3 to 5 years ) is a sure shot way to success!

Good Funds appreciate over the time and reward investors

Let’s take a few examples, if we look at TCS even during the Great Recession of 2008, it had fallen over 50% over a period of 2 years! But despite that, it bounced back from Rs.125/share to highs of 2284 by delivering a whopping CAGR return of 30% in the past 12 years. Or even if you look at Bajaj Finance, even though it fell over 80% from 2007-2009, it has been nothing but a wealth creator.

Hence, a pandemic is a one-off which will, in fact, it is creating an opportunity for investors to create wealth over the next 5 – 7 years. And we know for a fact that such quality companies will create wealth because even after a sharp decline they have shown strength with their stock prices always inching higher. In the long run, when things are under control, markets will recover and the same businesses will be fairly priced again.

If one would have invested Rs. 100,000 at the lows of Swine Flu panic in April 2009 then it would be around Rs. 2,10,000 by November 2010.

Similarly, If one would have invested Rs. 100,000 at the lows of Zika Virus in Jan 2016 then it would be around Rs. 1,60,000 by November 2018.

Never ever redeem your funds from your equity market. Just ensure that your funds are still the best performing funds to bounce back when the market recover.

Word of Caution

Before you make any investments consult your Financial Consultant with your Asset Allocation & Risk Appetite.

Remember there are decades nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen and be greedy when others fear.

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