Insights & Book Summary of “Get Rich Carefully”.

Book Summary of Get Rich Carefully Wall Street Veteran and Author James Cramer have written this book and in this he has mentioned about the perception of Stock Investing and strategies and Techniques to make astute decisions in Stock Investing. He explains in a simple and engaging way how every investor can get rich with […]

Why still Large Caps are Best Category to Invest?

Why still Large Caps are Best Category to Invest?      There has been a sharp rally in the equity index due to Covid 19 Fall in March. Markets are expecting second quarter results. Consumer Demand for Festival Season and US Elections are major focus for market. Mid and Small segments are performed better and in fact […]

Should you invest in Likhitha Infra Ltd IPO?

Should you invest in Likhitha Infra Ltd IPO? About the Company Incorporated in 1998, Likhitha Infrastructure Ltd is an oil and gas pipeline infrastructure service provider in India headed by the ­rst generation entrepreneur Mr. Srinivasa Rao Gaddipati having around 3 decades of technical experience. The co-promoter Ms Likhitha Gaddipati post-graduated from Illinois Institute of […]

How do you get the highest return on your investment?

How do you get the highest return on your investment? Covid 19 is the only reason for stock market to be volatile for this year worldwide.  We have seen lockdowns, market meltdowns, economy activity came to grinding halt in March, Apr and May. Today, markets are certainly not as cheap as it was in Apr. But certain categories are massively undervalued; any investor can […]

Happiest Minds Tech IPO Review

Happiest Minds Tech IPO Review Company Overview: Happiest Minds Technologies is a digital transformation, infrastructure, security and product engineering services company. It has capabilities to provide end-to-end solutions in digital space It supports the customers in innovating new ways to interact with their clients which makes them more clients responsive and engaging. Company is headquartered […]

3 Simple Ways to achieve your Financial Goals

3 Simple Ways to achieve your Financial Goals Disciplined Approach to Investments – SIP ( Systematic Investment Plan ) A wise philosopher once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. For today’s young and smart generation, he might very well have added that “the journey to immense wealth begins with […]