8 Best Electric Vehicle Stocks to Invest

8 Best Electric Vehicle Stocks to Invest

Investors always have desire to catch the stocks while they are young. These stocks are called Multi-Baggers. These stock prices can grow enormously and thus it gives exponential returns and creates a vast reservoir of wealth to investors.

One such Multi Bagger Theme is Electric Vehicle stocks.

Why Electric vehicles can be a Multi Bagger?

India is already the 4 Biggest Market for cars and it will become 3rd Biggest market by 2022. Electric vehicles in India are steadily growing and taking off in a rapid pace, it is estimated to be 50,000 Crore market by 2025.

A recent survey also reveals that consumers are willing to pay 1 Lakh in excess to pay for Electric Vehicles, since the maintenance and running costs are very low. Indian consumers are worried about rising fuel prices and thus Electric Vehicles are perfect choice for this market since it runs only on Chargeable Batteries. Since these vehicles has very less internal parts, the maintenance is also less.

Even the Govt is also giving incentives and encouraging people to buy more Electric Vehicles, since it emits zero pollution.  The GST for Electric vehicles is at 5% Vs 28% for other cars. This low GST will help the consumers to buy cars at reduced price.

Companies to Invest in Electric Vehicles

Here are the companies may stand benefit in growing Electric Vehicle Market. These are the Cars, Ancillary Manufactures, Battery companies which are not only catering to Indian markets but with global players too.


  1. Multi Baggers always require time frame ( Min of 5 years ) to deliver returns as this is a value Investment, if you are looking to make short term profits, you should never invest on this theme.
  2. Your stock market portfolio requires regular reviewing – These stocks recommendations are based on current stock Price, financials. Pls do a quarterly review for these stock recommendations.
  3. These are my personal opinion, pls do your own research before investing in these stocks
  4. Stock Market Investment is subject to market risk, pls consult your wealth consultant for your risk appetite and investment decisions

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