3 Steps to get High Returns from Mutual Funds

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3 Steps to get High Returns from Mutual Funds

When you invest in Mutual Funds, you should be prepared to Minimize these 3 important Risks

  1. Risk of Capital Loss
  2. Risk of Inflation ( Returns Exceeding Inflation and FD )
  3. Risk of Volatility

Everyone wants High returns & Less Volatility. lets understand the basic principles of Wealth creation through Mutual Funds.

Every investor investment philosophy & objectives are different – It is extremely crucial to understand these 3 critical factors

  • Return Expectation
  • Risk Appetite
  • Duration

Whenever you design your Financial Portfolio of before selecting any schemes – Analyse and understand these 3 factors before you design your asset allocation & choosing the best performing Schemes.

Remember 60% probability to get high return is from Asset Allocation, 20% of probability to get high returns is from the scheme and remaining 20% from point of entry.

Remember Asset Allocation retains the major 60% of returns on your financial portfolio. This is the best time to sit with your Wealth Advisor and to check your financial portfolio is aligned with Model Portfolio of your Risk Appetite, Return Expectation and Duration of investment.

Why people fail to make money in mutual funds because, they never analyse these 3 Critical Factors and start their investments with Non Compatible High Risk funds.

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