Wellness Sense

Good Health is the foundation and bases for all goals.  If only you are healthy, you can pursue and enjoy all the prosperity in life.  Hence the first priority for anyone is Healthy Well-Being.

3 Levels of Programs will help you in experiencing “Ultimate Well-Being” 

Level 1 – Fat to Fit in 60 Days (A Result Oriented Weight Loss Program)

Level 2 – The Secret of your Blissful Body (An Ancient Way of Wellness Program)

Level 3 – Anna Pragna (Personal Coaching Program for Ultimate Wellness)


Fat to Fit in 60 Days

A Result oriented Weight Loss Program through Ancient Way of Wellness

  • Do you want to lose your excess weight and feel lighter?
  • Are you looking forward for Simple and Effective way for weight Reduction without altering your current lifestyle?
  • Are you feeling terrible that even when you eat very less, still you don’t get your desire shape?
  • Are you helpless, because your work is keeping you so busy, you’re unable to invest the time and effort required to overcome all these issues?
  • Do you want to hustle in your current lifestyle with Lighter, Energetic & Healthy Body?
  • Are you frustrated that you are unable to stick to a Fitness plan & check your progress?

Contribute for the well-being for yourself

In this “Fat 2 Fit in 60 Days” program, you will learn Natural, Simple & Effective ways to keep your body “Lighter, Energetic & Healthy .  Your work related constraints and fact paced life, has reduced your time spent for exercise & fitness. A Tracking Chart will help you to achieve your targeted weight.


Level 2 Program

 The Secret of your Blissful Body

An Ancient Way of Wellness Program

Our Ancient Health Care Science & Knowledge are almost forgotten in today’s life and its benefits are ignored

  • Do you want to learn Simple and Effective Ways to deal Diabetics with Natural Diet & Ancient Techniques?
  • Do you Experience Lighter, Energetic & Healthy Body?
  • Are you frustrated that you are unable to Manage Stress in your Fast Paced Life?
  • Do you want to Lose Weight Permanently without altering your current Life Style?
  • Increase your Oxygen supply, Immunity and Blood Purification for Blissful Health.
  • This is not a Yoga / Spiritual / Diet or Exercise based workshop
  • Do you want to walk out of your ailments and live a disease free life?

Simple Ancient Techniques can bring Significant Difference to your Wellness

This is a program where you can understand the how you can treat a disease by bringing a certain balance to the body.

Level 3 Program 

Anna Pragna

Personal Coaching Program for Ultimate Well-being

This program will provide you the Ancient & Timeless Energy Techniques to increase the effectiveness of all internal organs like

  • Increases the Blood Flow and oxygen supply to Internal Organs
  • Radical improvement in Immunity System
  • Improves the Body’s Detoxification & Blood Purification Process
  • Improves Brain Function, Concentration & Memory Capacity.
  • Strengthen your Nervous System.

The Most Powerful Program to trigger the inbuilt instructions to activate your Body’s Own Natural Healing Power.