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Is this a good time to Invest in Small Cap Funds?

When BSE Sensex has delivered 2.76% in last 1 year, Small cap is down by -17.30%

Small Cap valuations have corrected significantly.

If anyone wants to take advantage and average out on their returns, this is the good situation for long term, its should be in the small cap space.

S No

Index 4th June 2017 Closing 4th June 2018 Closing % Difference


BSE Index 35011 34046


2 BSE 250 Small Cap Index 2937 2503



Market is Range Bound because of the following Reasons

  1. Rising Interest Rates
  2. Volatile & Rising Crude Oil Prices
  3. Dollar strengthening against Rupee
  4. Eye on upcoming General Elections


Also do check these pointers before you invest in Small Cap Funds.

  1. Check your small cap exposure on your current total Portfolio.
  2. Analyse your risk appetite for Small Cap
  3. You also have to 3 to 4 years holding period to invest in Small Cap.
  4. Reach out to your Financial Advisor to know your investment suitability with Small Cap


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