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Is this a best time to buy more Equity Mutual Funds?

The market’s dream run has been temporarily halted. With benchmark indices such as the Sensex and the Nifty falling more than 13% from their respective peaks, the market is now in a Correction phase.

“The Indian stock market is just in a correction phase and it’s not a bear market. The ingredients that signal a bear market are not there. This correction phase is due to companies without strong fundamentals leading the market, etc. are missing. Thankfully the Macro & Micro economics and fundamentals are good.

But fears of a bear market are unwarranted. For the Indian stock market to be termed bearish, the broader indices must fall by another 10%—a 20% cut from the peak signals a bear market. Experts don’t believe that markets will enter the bear phase.

Key Statistical data for the fall from peak because of

  • Steep Depreciation of INR vs USD
  • Crude Prices are increased from $47  to $ 85 per Barrel Now ( India import 80% of its oil requirements )
  • Rising Interest Rates in US and Weak US Market
  • Trade war between US and China ( Both China and US are not fining any common ground, both headed for double barrelled war )


But wait not all the News are Negative………( Our Macro and Micro fundamentals are still good )

  • IMF forecasts Indian GDP Growth to be 7.4%in 2019 – 20 FY


  • RBI keeps the REPO rate in their last quarterly review


  • Private consumption has remained robust and is likely to be sustained even as the recent rise in oil prices may have a bearing on disposable incomes.
  • Improving capacity utilisation, larger FDI inflows and increased financial resources to the corporate sector augur well for investment activity. 

What an investor can do now?

  1. Do Top up your Equity Investments and buy more
  2. Take position in market through Mutual Funds Large Cap / Multi Cap / Mid cap Schemes to take advantage of the market
  3. Shift your FD to Balance Category Schemes
  4. Invest in ELSS to save Tax


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