How to Select a Best Financial Advisor?

With the increasing complexity and sophistication on Finances, it is indeed important to have an qualified & expert on your side to make one’s money grow Faster.

It is even more compulsive because of the fact that the Financial Literacy & Financial Education is not being taught at school or in our academics

So, the question is how can you make the investing simple and make your investment journey less stressful, more fun and successful?

These are the 3 Skills are important when it comes to handling your most sensitive and confidential information called Money

  1. Trust

Someone who can act on the best interest of you, and also who can understand and empathise how difficult you have put together this capital for Investment?

  • Ethics

Is the advisor going to be honest and transparent on your money? Does the advisor adhere to all the regulations, laid down by Regulators?  Does he have a loyal & Time Tested customer base? Does he genuinely disclosing all the performance of the funds and Stocks?

  • Expertise and Experience in the Financial Services

Check that the Advisor has 20 Years of Experience so that he could have seen Ups and Downs in the equity market.  Also check does the Advisor has good reputation,  market acceptability and Brand Equity in investment Community?

 And finally does the advisor can travel with you for a Long Standing Relationship,  because you invest for a Dream or a goal which is 15 years or more, So it is very important that your advisor should also travel with you till you reach your goal.

So, it’s time to move on to a genuine and reputed Financial Consultant in order to boost your investment portfolio.

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