Weight loss program

Fat to Fit in 60 Days

Lose Your Weight without going through a Diet.

A Result oriented Weight Loss Program through Ancient Way of Wellness

  • Do you want to lose your excess weight and feel lighter?
  • Experience the Simple and Effective ways of weight Reduction without altering your current lifestyle….
  • Are you feeling terrible that even when you eat very less, still you don’t get your desire shape?
  • Are you helpless, because your work is keeping you so busy, you’re unable to invest the time and effort required to overcome all these issues?
  • Do you want to hustle in your current lifestyle with Lighter, Energetic & Healthy Body?
  • Are you frustrated that you are unable to stick to a Fitness plan & check your progress?


Contribute for the wellbeing for yourself

In this “Fat 2 Fit in 60 Days” program, you will learn Natural, Simple & Effective ways to keep your body “Lighter, Energetic & Healthy .  Your work related constraints and fact paced life, has reduced your time spent for exercise & fitness. A Tracking Chart will help you to achieve your targeted weight.


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Benefit from our 3 Levels of Holistic & Ancient Wellness Programs like

“Fat to Fit in 60 Days” – (A Result Oriented Weight Loss Program)

“Secret of Your Blissful Body” – (An Ancient Way of Wellness Program)

“Anna Pragna” – (Personal Coaching program for Ultimate Wellness)

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