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Do you want to know “How Rich are you”?

If you search for an answer in Google for this topic, the results are in reference to the comparison with the word’s Rich & Successful person with wealth & Income.

But Wealth is always an individualistic character.

Wealth is always been referred to one’s own utilisation.

Everyone honest answer would be, I have 2 houses, 2 Cars, Few FD’s Etc….

There are many ways to state the wealth, but the appropriate way is to be measured by a factor called “TIME”.

Here is the Formula

Wealth = How long you can continue & Maintain your lifestyle without working.

If you can maintain your current lifestyle for ten years without working. Then you are Richer / Wealthier by 10 Years (Which should include the cost of inflation)

When you accumulate the wealth for your entire expected life span then you can proudly say that you have achieved your Financial Freedom in your life. This means you can live your life the desired lifestyle without working or relying on someone else for Money.


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