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Are you Investing smartly during this Volatile Times?

Almost all my investors have spoken to me in the last 30 days had only one common question which is – What should i do with my investment on this volatile times?

After all the market is filled with news on Economic Slowdown & Volatility which gives lot of nervousness to not only the first time investors and Beginners but also to seasoned Investors. 

Also they are in a panic situation that they are losing their money that they have invested in stock markets and thinking that should they continue with the SIPs? Or Change the Product portfolio / Asset Allocation or Redeem and invest with FD’s?

So before you take any action on your existing Portfolio, Answer these 3 Questions

  1. Is your Financial Goals Changed recently?
  2. Are you just 1 year away from your goals?
  3. Do you need money for any personal or Financial Emergency?

If the answer is no – Just keep Investing.

Market is dynamic; you can’t predict the levels of the market. Invest for long term and stay patient. With carefully chosen high performance schemes in Mutual Funds or buying Right Stocks – Your investment will yield you higher returns.

With the History of Sensex since 1979, over the last 40 years, markets have delivered higher returns whenever market hits the dip.

This has happened in the past and History will repeat again.

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