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5 Ways to Gain from Stock Market Corrections.

The market’s dream run has been temporarily halted. With benchmark indices such as the Sensex and the Nifty falling more than 10% from their respective peaks, the market is now in a correction phase.

But fears of a bear market are unwarranted. For the Indian stock market to be termed bearish, the broader indices must fall by another 10%—a 20% cut from the peak signals a bear market. Experts don’t believe that markets will enter the bear phase.

“The Indian stock market is just in a correction phase and it’s not a bear market. The ingredients that signal a bear market are not there. This correction phase is due to companies without strong fundamentals leading the market, etc. are missing. Thankfully the Macro & Micro economics and fundamentals are good.

Expect volatility in 2018-19 due to political Situation.

  • The upcoming Karnataka elections are being seen as a semi-final match for the Lok Sabha elections in 2019
  • The assembly elections in two major states ruled by the BJP—Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh—will also test the market.

But the good news is Investors can gain from political uncertainty

Back to Basics will work in these volatile Times

  1. Sticking to Asset Allocation Discipline
  2. Investing in Dynamic Asset Allocation & Hybrid Funds
  3. If you are considering 100% Equities, Then Consider Large Caps over Mid and Small Cap.
  4. Add debt to your portfolio.
  5. Do not prune your Equity in portfolio.


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