3 Stocks can be an Excellent Investment Bet for next 3 Years

When the markets are volatile and the index is down for the 3rd day consecutively, BSE Index has plunged below 38000 (Intraday as on 8th May 2019) , the question is,  should i invest at this point in time?

If you are an investor, then you knew that Stock market investment horizon is always for more than 3 years and of course it is always a good time to identify a value pick and stay invested for a long term ( 3 years and above )

Remember, if you want to make money in the Stock Market, you don’t have to be smarter, you have to be more disciplined than the rest. Identify companies which financials, Valuation and Quality are good. Then stay invested in that company for 3 years.

These are 4 companies which have which strong financials, Attractive Valuation and Good Quality


It’s the second largest company in Electrodes.  This Mid cap stock is having good quality and Attractive valuation for long term.  With the net sales are highest at 1864 Cr with attractive ROE and ROCE this is one stock you should have it in your portfolio.

DCB Bank

DCB Bank ranks 13th out of 20 companies in Pvt Bank sector. Another Mid cap stock with attractive valuation for long term with positive financials trend and attractive valuation. This stock also has consistent financial trend for consecutive quarters.

Federal Bank

Federal Bank Ranks 10th out of 20 companies in Pvt Bank sector. Its Profit after tax is at 381 Cr ( Grown at 163% )  and its cash and cash equivalent at 6419 Cr and most importantly its NPA is only at 1.48% , this stock is certainly gaining momentum.

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DISCLAIMER: stock Investments trading involves risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor, Pls do your risk profiling before investing and these are my personal views, for more information consult your Wealth Manager.

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