3 Essential Reasons to consume Rice.

Rice is a Grain of our civilization & Heritage.

One of the oldest grain we still consuming as a staple diet in India and China.

Rice is not another grain. It has rich civilisation, history and heritage.

Rice dates back to 5000 years old in India and India alone has more than 6000 varieties of Rice.

Our DNA, Genes and physical constitution are naturally enabled to process, absorb and digest rice in a very effective way.  This is the predominant reason that you should include rice in your diet.

There are numerous other reason that you can consume rice, to mention a few.

The health benefits of rice include its ability to provide instant energy, regulate and improve bowel movements, stabilize blood sugar levels, and slow down the aging process. It also plays a role in providing vitamin B1 to the human body.

The essential amino acid which assists with metabolic function, breaks down fat, and is the primary source of sulfur in the bodyMethionine is one of the essential amino acids (building blocks of protein), meaning that it cannot be produced by the body, and must be provided by the diet and it is richly available in Rice.

So next time if you are having pulav / steam rice with sambar / biriyani – Dont carry a guilt feeling, eat with moderation. Remember moderation is the key.

If your old jeans is getting tighter then it is something to check with the quantity of the food not about the grain.


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