Top 5 Mutual Fund to Invest in 2019

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With the New Year ’s Eve just a stone throw away, people have started making party plans for the year ahead to make the beginning of 2019 the best they could. The starting of a new year is indeed a good time to reflect upon things of the past and make plans for the future. No plan is completed without planning for one’s monetary needs, and when it comes to making money, the mutual fund is a product that is impossible to miss these days. Talking of mutual funds and without wasting any more time, let’s learn about a few of the schemes that you can choose to invest in now with an aim to attain your defined financial objective of the future.

Edelweiss Large and Mid Cap Fund

This is a superior product of Edelweiss AMC. Indeed, the scheme lies in the list of hottest selling mutual funds in India with beating the Standard benchmark consistently in this space. The scheme has the energy to spew exceptional returns, and it can be proved with its past 5 and 10 years returns of 16.91% CAGR for 5 years as on December 24, 2018. This fund aims to create long-term capital by investing majorly in equity and related instruments of Select large-cap and mid cap companies.

Suitability: Risk-averse investors looking for generating good corpus by investing in an equity fund in the long run.

L&T Mid Cap Fund

This scheme has amazed investors with its whopping returns of 19.58% since inception. This Fund holds a 5-star rating, and an assets size of Rs. 3,438 crore as on Nov 30, 2018. Like a lot of other schemes from the fund house, this scheme too is following a diversified style of investing and has investments in 78 stocks presently, picked from 14 sectors. The major allocation is in mid cap companies with 78.61% of the total asset allocation, and the remaining is in the large and small cap with 10.95% and 10.01%, respectively. Mr Soumendra Nath Lahiri and Mr Vihang Naik are the fund managers of the scheme.

Suitability: Aggressive investors who are looking forward to generating exceptional returns in the tenure of 5 years and more.

Mirae Asset India Equity Fund

Being from the multi-cap category, this scheme from Mirae Asset Mutual Fund aims to maximize long term capital appreciation by finding investment opportunities resulting from Indian economic growth and its structural shifts through investing in equity and its related securities. This fund has managed to gain huge popularity and all the credit for that goes to its exceptional performance in the long run. It has delivered 18.63% return in 5 years and 21.81% return in 10 years which are much more than the ones delivered by both its category and benchmark.

Suitability: Investors who are willing to invest across the market caps and gain capital appreciation by investing in them should prefer investing in this scheme.

L&T Emerging Businesses Fund

L&T Emerging Businesses Fund is an excellent choice due to several parameters including its risk management and returns. THis plan follows one of the best-diversified approaches for asset allocation, and not only with respect to portfolio allocation, but in market cap allocation as well. Even after being a small-cap scheme, this fund has a considerable allocation in the mid caps as well. The fund does not stick to any of the investment style either growth or value investing, and looks forward to choosing good quality and growth-oriented businesses at reasonable valuations.

Suitability: Highly aggressive investors who are ready to invest for a long-term period of 7 years or more to earn capital appreciation.

HDFC Small Cap Fund

This is an open-ended small cap equity scheme that exclusively invests in a well-diversified basket of small-cap stocks for capital appreciation in the long run. This is ranked 1 on this category. If you are already invested in this fund, just keep checking the performance and stay invested.

Suitability: Aggressive investors with long-term investment horizon must go with the scheme to get attractive returns.

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