Know the TOP 15 MF SIP Schemes in 2018

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There are 8000 MF Schemes are available to choose from in the market, identifying the best schemes is always a tough decision for investors.

As the economy transforms from a developing to a developed one, we could see fixed income rates trending lower in the coming decades. Investors largely started thinking of moving from traditional investment products to those financial instruments that will deliver attractive post tax returns.

Now fixed income investors are looking beyond bank deposits for short term fund parking. Now, they place liquid funds and ultra short term category funds as a substitute to bank deposits. The amount of monthly SIP inflow has crossed Rs 7900 crore. Investors have embraced SIPs as one of their monthly savings instrument along with bank and post office schemes.

The investors can now transfer money instantly from their bank savings accounts to mutual funds through mobile applications provided by the mutual fund companies. Whenever the investors require their money back, it is possible to redeem and transfer money back to their bank accounts. After two market crashes in a decade, investors now are well aware of inherent volatility in equity oriented schemes and stay to invested with right spirits.

It will also be interesting to see how some equity mutual fund schemes have fared for the last 2 decades compared to their benchmark. Generally funds are evaluated with their past performance of 1 year, 3 year and 5-year periods. But we have shortlisted these funds from their 20-year rolling returns. Rolling returns are best measure of performance as this is the annualized returns taken for a specific period on every day/week/month/year. When we analyze the performance, the following mutual fund schemes from different categories are the real wealth creators over these years.

The most important factor in Wealth Creation is reviewing your portfolio periodically. It is even more important than identifying the best schemes. Consult your Financial Advisor or Call me now to Review your Existing Portfolio.

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